About That Girl

Blog Mission:

This is a blog for women to celebrate who they are, who they want to be and a gentle reminder to never give up dreaming. I’m in the throes of my midlife journey and after leaving an advertising career to raise my family this is my dream: writing! You’ll find inspiration and perspiration here along with tidbits about midlife and all the fun that comes with it such as raising teens, facing an empty nest and finding yourself again!

Starting this blog stirred feelings in me that were originally planted when I was a young girl watching two of my favorite TV shows, “That Girl” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Do you remember a stage in your life when you were energized and full of hope? For me that time was right after I graduated college and embarked on my career. I can still hear my feet click the pavement of New York City while I interviewed all around town. Funny thing is that a recruiter I was using started to call me “That Girl” referring to Marlo Thomas’ character in her late 1960’s/70’s series. I was upbeat and starry eyed and I really had no clue what I was doing. She could see that in me…I’m talking about the upbeat part. I had my fair share of calamities along the way. Also true is that feeling had been gone for a long time. Having children, leaving a career, helping with elderly parents – women are the caretakers of the world! We always seem to come last.

Life moves fast, we need to make sure and grasp that piece of “something” that makes us shine. My kids are growing up; teenagers who simultaneously roll their eyes at my concern and turn to me every time a shoe drops. They need me, they don’t need me. I will always be there for them, but knowing they will eventually jump ship has freed the “old me” to resurface! So, thatgirlisback and I hope you find inspiration here for your journey!

About Vilma

I’ve always loved words. I’ve always loved a good story. Reading and an addiction to observation turned me into a writer. I majored in English in college and took a detour in advertising and marketing. I loved the work, the people, the energy…then I had kids. Another detour, I opted to stay home and raise my children, paper towel eating dogs and a few cats along the way. Though I realize I was fortunate to stay home, opting out of the workforce was a double edged sword. Truth is I missed the diversity of the workplace, the banter of exchanging ideas, getting out of sweats and a ponytail.

I currently freelance for several local news outlets, run my own business providing writing and marketing services and blog here.

I want to get the conversation going about how we can make midlife what we want it to be.

That said, I’m married and have a daughter in college and a son in high school – and thankfully a great dog named Harry who has no plans to grow up any time soon!