A Mother’s Day Wish

get-attachment-164.aspxIf I Could See You Again…

If I could see you again, I would agree that red doesn’t go with purple as you often said, and that life is for the living. I’d also thank you for teaching me the beauty of creating – experiencing the joy of taking a blank piece of paper and painting it with your thoughts or color. I’d thank you for showing me how to experience life beyond your means, to break through the barriers of money and class to defy convention. I’d thank you for introducing me to the value of education, not because it’s right but because knowledge is power. The kind of power that can help you pay the bills but also the kind of power that cannot be taken away. I’d thank you for valuing books, the stories, the words and the thoughts behind great minds. I’d also thank you for never allowing a silly thing like money hinder you from being the most elegant woman in the room. I’d thank you for understanding what true taste is. I’d thank you for not allowing that love of beauty or impeccable taste prevent you from being empathetic, the kind of empathy that would seek out someone in need and offer help without acknowledgement or fanfare.

If we could walk side by side one more time, I’d thank you for showing me that there are no limits to one’s creativity. When shopping wasn’t an option, you learned to sew. I’d thank you for my one-of-a-kind communion dress dotted with daisies, that I may not have appreciated back then among the veils and glitter – but I now realize was truly a fashion statement and a wink to conventionality. I’d thank you for teaching me resourcefulness and that talent resides in all of us. If we could sit down for a cup of tea, I would thank you, a woman born in 1925, for raising a feminist and for warning my sister and me to build careers and be able to rely on ourselves. This was one lesson learned the hard way for you, a young widow without the opportunity to pursue an education. If I could see you again, I would tell you that you taught me more in the short 11 years we shared on earth than many who’ve had a lifetime with their mothers.

If it were possible to see you again I would thank you for introducing me to art. Waking up to a table filled with paints, brushes and canvases showed me that a mother deserves time of her own to dream or pursue passions. If I had one more moment with you, I’d thank you for showing me what bravery is – the kind of bravery to stand face to face with your mortality and still worry about training bras and math homework. The type of bravery to endure sitting in a wheelchair with a beautiful robe on and lipstick and smile and tell us everything will be alright when you knew it wouldn’t be.

If I could see you again, I’d thank you for not being perfect and for being okay with that. I’d thank you for losing your temper sometimes. I’d also thank you for bringing beauty into a house that needed it, whether you painted on the walls or decided on a blue and silver themed Christmas tree. If I could see you again, I’d thank you for throwing the best birthday party a ten-year-old girl could have and for showing me how ingenuity and creativity trumps anything store bought.

If we were to meet again, I’d tell you that I’m proud to be your daughter and I’m woeful we only had 11 short years but I’d tell you that you provided me with a lifetime of lessons. You taught me what life was about and what it wasn’t. For that I’m eternally grateful. For some of us our time on earth is short and others long, it’s what we do here that counts and for me every step I’ve taken is for you to be proud of the woman I’ve become.

If I could see you again, I’d wish you Happy Mother’s Day – the passage of time has taught me that life is a gift and I thank you for bringing me into this world and giving me the gift of life.


  1. Joan Cardona says

    I enjoy reading posts written by freelance writer, Vilma Sicilia-Sceusa, founder and creator of thatgirlisback.com – ‘A Mother’s Day Wish’ is a beautifully written dedication to her mother based on all that she would thank her for. Surely a mother’s wish is fulfilled, and she would be thankful & proud of her daughter. I am acquainted with Vilma, and I am quite proud ‘thatgirlisback’!

  2. Beautiful! Your Mom sounds like she was a wonderful woman. Isn’t it amazing how much smarter they get, the older we get?

  3. What a beautiful post. Within the short span of time that you had your mother by your side, she taught your lessons of love to last a lifetime.

  4. lsgaitan23 says

    I could barely read the final paragraph for crying. this is so beautifully written, and I think that’s largely because the words reflect the beauty of the subject and the author– a mother whose gave precious gifts and a daughter who understood the value of those gifts. This just slayed me, Vilma.

    • Thank you so much Lee. It was very cathartic to write this and though I can barely get through reading it now without crying, writing about my mom has been beneficial in so many ways. Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Elaine Vastardis says

    The passage of time can never dampen the memories instilled by your mother. She was your inspiration and has given you true purpose. This reminds me of the impact my grandmother made on my life during my childhood. I enjoyed the article and am sure your mom is proud too and keeps and admires the passion you have found in writing.

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