Crafty Mom Designs New Product

inventor_head_shotThat Girl Is Amazing: Karen Stellato-Sa, Founder of Drink Duets. Love this story! After identifying a household need, this mom stepped out of her comfort zone to create a new product. Hope she inspires you!


It’s easy to get crafty with Drink Duets.

Karen-Stellato Sa likes to describe herself as a crafty mom – so crafty that she created her own product to solve a household dilemma.

Those pesky water bottles that would accumulate all over her house, especially when she had company, were weighing on her. First of all it was impossible for her or her guests to keep track of their drink. This was particularly true at her beach house, when it was easier to use individual water bottles. So she did what any multi-tasking, craft-loving mom would do she created her own product. Her new product called Drink Duets are foam tags that slip over the top of water bottles or other beverages.


Ready for company!

They are great for the beach or soccer sidelines and come in 12 bright colors for easy identification. The reusable bottle tags are large enough to decorate or write your name. Each package contains 12 different colored bottle tags and they retail at $4.50 a pack.

Stellato-Sa, took on a hands-on approach creating the prototype herself, procuring material and building sales. She chose a company in Delaware to manufacture the product.

Yet, Stellato-Sa’s creative juices haven’t stopped; she just introduced a new product called Glass Skirts. Made of the same material as Drink Duets, Glass Skirts encircle the base of a wine glass to make the task of finding your wine glass easier. Glass skirts are available in packages of eight and are priced at $4.50 per pack.


Look how great the glass skirts look on wineglasses!


Good news is that Stellato-Sa is not alone. Mothers are inventing products every day. According to the National Women’s Business Council patents granted to women jumped 35 percent in 2010. Almost 30 percent of those patents weren’t assigned to private companies indicating that more women are starting their own businesses.

Drink Duets was just featured on Good Day Sacramento (a CBS affiliate). Women Invetorz Network (W.I.N) an organization created by Dhana Cohen and Melinda Knight hosted the segment. Dhana and Melinda created the network to inspire, nurture and promote women inventors! Love that! Check out their segment and see Drink Duets live: http://

In addition to creating these neat new products, Stellato-Sa is a group media director for Omnicom Media Group Direct. She shares company responsibilities with her husband, Orlando, and so far is financing the business herself.

Drink Duets can be ordered at, further information can be also be found on the Drink Duets Facebook page.

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