5 Great Apps!

These are five great apps for blogging, writing, working or having fun!

I joined the WordCount Blogathon and I’m blogging every day the entire month of June. WordCount is featuring a theme day today which is “Your 5 Favorite Apps.”

I consider myself a very basic app user, so I reached out to friends and family and came up with some interesting apps:

  1. TeuxDeux – This recommendation is from my niece Laura, the most organized college student in the free world! What she likes about TeuxDeux is that all of her “to-dos” appear in one place and items are crossed off when done and carry over automatically to the next day if they aren’t. The creators dub it a “simple, designy to-do” app. Their website syncs to the app, which she finds helpful. What she doesn’t like about it is that you can’t set reminders.
  2. Hipstamatic – This recommendations is from my friend and app developer, Anne Clark who’s working on her own photo app called Memorability, coming out soon! She’s a photo guru! Hipstamatic is a camera app designed for the iPhone that allows you to  change the camera’s lens, flash and film with just the swipe of a finger – no separate editing needed. The creators mission is for users to “tap into their inner artist.”
  3. C25K – Couch to 5K is the goal. Another recommendation thanks to my niece Laura. She likes it because it is goal oriented and designed for beginners. The eight week plan allows users to train in intervals between running and walking. You can choose from a choice of trainers and it takes a very realistic approach to running.
  4. Merriam-Webster Dictionary and iThesaurus – These are my apps and are pretty boring but I love having access to the dictionary on my phone as well as a thesaurus. When you are obsessed with words it’s a must have.
  5. Snap Chat – This app is a favorite among my daughter and her friends. It’s really silly – but believe it or not I told some friends about it and they use it all the time (I doubt we are in the demographic!).Snap Chat allows users to take a photo or a video and send it to someone for a few seconds and then the photo disappears. You can also send a caption. Snap creators say it is “the allure of fleeting messages that reminds us about the beauty of friendship.” I agree with that especially when my friend Tammy sends me snaps! It’s a nice way to keep in touch during a busy week!



  1. Julie Phelps says

    I hope to keep track of your blog – enjoying your posts a lot! I recently added Hipstamatic and hope to have lots of fun with it. Seems like a cool tool.

  2. love ya!!!

  3. hmmm, TeuxDeux
    sounds like something I need


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