Haiku Day!


This pic is in celebration of Haiku Day – even though I didn’t write about nature. Taken by my talented brother: Robert Barone!

I’m participating in a blogathon, a 30 day challenge to write every day, this month and today is Haiku Day! Every writer participating in the blogathon is challenged to write a haiku. I actually love writing poetry. I haven’t written a haiku since high school. I took a creative writing class and I fondly recall writing a haiku about my teacher. There was a little ribbing involved but it’s great to have someone write about you.

Today I decided to skip nature, traditionally many haiku poems focus on nature, not that I don’t love nature but I decided to write about what I really know and what I really know about is writing, motherhood and my dog.

I know that sounds strange but as I write this he is sitting under my stool as patient as ever waiting for his walk so I decided he deserves a little fame for his support!

Writing – in honor of the blogathon and having to write every day!

Words, words sometimes flow

other times, drip, drip, trickle

it’s a writer’s woe!

Motherhood – my kids lose everything and I mean everything!

Mother where is myyyyy

brain, head, body, arm, finger

thrown it all out say goodbyeeeee!

My dog – Harry is perfect!

My sleeping dog is

simply the best reminder

to slow down and smile.

This was so much fun. Try writing one today. Just remember 5, 7, 5 – that’s the syllable count of each line. No rhyming required!


  1. Yours are fun!

    Just read your ‘about’ section..we have some commonality!

  2. LOVE the writer one, because I so understand that woe. But, I had to chuckle with the parenting one. 🙂 Haiku day has become one of my fave Blogathon days.

    • Thanks Tia! It’s that time of year when everything from school has now been dumped into my house! The organization gene passed by everyone around here and my new motto for lost items is: “It’s where you left it!”

  3. Thanks for visiting my site, Vilma! It led me to your post on haiku, which I enjoyed reading. You have a new subscriber! I tend to be too serious as a writer and discovering your blog was like a breath of fresh air – I like the sense of humor injected here and there. I need a dose of that every now and then. Happy blogging!

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