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For all the appeals of “Where are the women in the upper ranks of corporate America or politics?” – There are women like Suzie Alvey who are enriching their communities every day with their talents.

Every community needs a Suzie Alvey. She’s an artist, photographer, ardent volunteer, historian, mom and a champion of the arts. Recently named Village Historian of the town of Garden City, NY Alvey is a strong advocate for preserving the beauty of her village. Founded in 1869, Garden City has a rich history and was labeled one of America’s earliest “planned communities.”

As an artist, she shares her talents prodigiously. Whether it’s a charity event at her church, a historical society gala or a local artist exhibit, it’s likely you’ll spot Alvey wearing a broad smile and a camera slung over her head ready to promote or contribute her talents.

While raising three daughters with her husband Rob, also a serial volunteer, Alvey has run her own art business creating original, artistic family heirlooms. She has painted hundreds of house portraits pleasing homeowners from San Francisco to Switzerland. Her paintings and drawings are in many collections, including those of author, Nelson DeMille.


House portrait by Suzie Alvey.

She also specializes in portraits and wedding calligraphy.

“I enjoy creating artwork that gives so many people beautiful memories of their homes and families,” said Alvey. “Everyone has an interesting story. I hope my artwork will be handed down from this generation to the next.”

It’s no surprise that she was selected a “Woman of Distinction” in 2009 by NY Assemblyman Thomas McKevitt and was the October 2012 recipient of President Barack Obama’s President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Though singularly talented artistically, it is her altruism, love for her community and support for the arts that set her apart.

She’s spent countless time orchestrating exhibits at her local library to burn the flame for historical preservation and raise awareness among young residents. She is the originator of a series called “History Mystery Homes featured on Garden City Patch to help identify unnamed house photos in her village’s archives.

Alvey has long been involved with the Garden City Historical Society, Garden City Beautification Committee and is a founding member of the Garden City Bird Sanctuary.

Four generations of Alvey’s family have resided in Garden City. She is one of those people who brings a community to life. While raising her family, she opted for the flexibility of running her own business to reap what she calls “the best of both worlds.”


Suzie Alvey with her husband and three daughters.

Her advice for younger women coming up in the world is to “decide what is most important to you” and “be true to your values.” For artists, in particular, Alvey’s advice is not to underestimate the skill of “selling.” Alvey, who admits to being more retiring in nature, learned early on that being shy wasn’t gaining anything.

For all the appeals of “Where are the women?” and “Why aren’t they represented in the upper ranks of corporate America and politics? – There are women like Suzie Alvey who are enriching their communities every day with their talents.

Alvey studied with Dan Slapo- PSA Master Pastelist (Pastel Society of America) a national award-winning artist, teacher and author.  She also studied with John Rogers- AWS (American Watercolor Society), the national award-winning watercolorist who wrote, Watercolor Simplified.  Additionally, Suzie studied with Marion Brown- AWS, who was a student of Edgar Whitney AWS. She graduated from Albany State (SUNY) in New York with a Bachelor of Arts cum laude degree in Studio Art. 



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