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305909_10151127849886852_610467976_n That Girl Is Amazing: Kimberly Gorman Muto

It’s never too late to expose your dreams! Say goodbye to your hurdles and start today!

The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.
– Ernest Haas

Kimberly Muto’s twins were bantering about vocabulary when her son asked what entrepreneur meant, her daughter responded: “You know what Mommy does!” That was music to her ears.

Muto’s passion for art started when she was a little girl. She says she was born with a crayon in her hand.

“I was always coloring…trying to make the world a beautiful place,” shared Muto.

She majored in art history and dabbled in studio art in college eventually landing at Merrill Lynch. She knew it wasn’t a great fit but, like many artists, was unsure how to translate her passion. Then life got in the way – moving, marriage and children.

The “artist” didn’t stay dormant for long. She loved taking pictures and her children became her muse. Prior to the surging popularity of Christmas card photos, Muto designed a card and received accolades from friends and family.

The idea to build a business developed organically. She began with a point and shoot camera. Her husband then purchased a better camera for her and she decided to take classes.

After researching photographers, she found Rob Goldman, an award winning photographer, who viewed her work and asked her apprentice with him.

Again life got in the way for this busy mom of three. Met with calamity and disappointment, her husband had an accident, lost his job and the dog smashed her camera – somehow the artist prevailed.

Three years to the day she first contacted Goldman, she had her first lesson. Having just purchased a Nikon D300S, Muto was paralyzed by fear.

“I didn’t know how to turn it on,” added Muto. “I was blessed to find a teacher who was not about working the camera. His advice was to ‘see the light.’ Then he taped my camera settings.”

That was the freedom Muto needed to go out and shoot the beauty she saw in the world. Goldman left her with advice that launched her passion: “I can’t teach you what you know.”


Female portraits are Muto’s signature shots.

Using Facebook to launch the business she began to develop a clientele. One of her first job requests came from a woman who wanted to capture her pregnancy and they are still Muto’s favorite shots.

The more she shot, the more the inner artist emerged. She draws from her favorite artist Matisse, who loved the female form. Muto favors portraits, shooting in natural light and women as subjects. Women in their 40s have been drawn to her work and she’s thrilled about that. Behind the lens, she sees wisdom and an aura of sexuality that’s lacking in their younger counterparts.


“Moustache” won Best In Show, Huntington’s Art Council.

“My gift is to truly find the beauty in every face I see,” explained Muto. “Many women are surprised when they see their photos.”

Muto’s work was recently recognized as Best In Show by The Huntington’s Art Council.

Proud to be doing what she loves, she also feels she’s a role model for her children.

“We can try and ignore who we really are but eventually we find our way home,” said Muto. “When I’m behind the camera, I feel I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

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