Five Wishes For Father’s Day

small_4718225577For fathers, children and any man who has ever touched the life of a child.

Whatever version of patriarch you are celebrating, here are five wishes for today!

  1. Step Up To The Plate – That all fathers realize the importance of their role. We hear the laments about single moms lacking support. If you can afford little, give time and what little you can. Your impact on a child today can either reap dividends or sow regret.
  2. Support Your Daughter’s Dreams – Here’s to Warren Buffett’s recent decry that we’re using only half of our country’s talent. In our modern world I have heard: “My daughter is just going to get married anyway. Why spend so much on college!” Nails on a blackboard! A fancy, private college is unnecessary – build your daughter’s confidence, pave the way for her to be an independent, free thinking woman and support her education which is no less important than your son’s!
  3. Think Before You Legislate – For politicians at every level: look at your wife, your daughter, your granddaughter and think what kind of world you want for them. Is it acceptable to sustain a wage gap, limit her rights and cut services that affect women and children?
  4. Seize An Opportunity To Be A Dad – Every Father’s day, until he passed away, I sent my best friend’s father a card. I loved him like my own Dad. While my father was mired in grief due to my mother’s death, Mr. G drove us everywhere – no questions asked. Don’t let the opportunity to touch someone’s life go away.
  5. Forgive – Life is short to hold grudges against those who don’t know any better. For those who never understood the man that sired them – think about the context of their life, the time period they grew up in and their limitations. Some men are lousy fathers, in this case, be the father you never had.

Nietzsche said: “When one has not had a good father, one must create one.”

Happy Father’s Day! My last wish is that we all embrace the many different types of families that exist in our country.

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  1. Beautiful wishes!

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