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LizaHeadshotThat Girl Is Amazing: Liza Huber, CEO and founder of Sage Spoonfuls

Liza Huber was accustomed to playing roles as an actress so when the biggest role of her life threw her for a loop, she decided to take matters into her own hands. As a new mom, Huber was on the search for homemade baby food products that offered ease of use, convenience and quality.

When she couldn’t find anything that fit the bill, she began to think about creating something herself. The busy mother of four says that her oldest son, Royce was her inspiration but it was her second son’s birth that gave her the nudge she needed. Brendan was born premature and Huber was determined to provide him the best quality, highest nutrient foods she could find. She turned to homemade baby food and Sage Spoonfuls was well on its way.

Sage Spoonfuls provides a complete homemade baby food system allowing parents to make, serve, store and take homemade baby food on the go. Homemade baby food is higher in nutrients and tastier. Huber also believes that in the long run, having children exposed to fresh, natural foods may stave “the picky eater” syndrome so many American children seem to have.

Based on her own trial and error, Huber designed her system to make it easy for parents. The system includes jars, trays and labels which make storing homemade baby food a simple one step process.

“If you put aside one hour every two weeks, you can have a freezer stocked with healthy and delicious baby food,” said Huber. “You don’t need intricate kitchen skills.”

Huber’s award-winning book “Sage Spoonfuls-Simple Recipes, Healthy Meals, Happy Babies” accompanies some of the packages or can be purchased separately. Huber’s recipes include tasty pairings such as pears and asparagus and cherry banana quinoa.

Huber, who works from home, feels she has just the right balance as an entrepreneur and mom. She has found the opportunity to help parents embrace healthier living to be very fulfilling.

For women launching a business or getting a product ready to market, Huber provided the following advice:

  • Explore The Market – Do your homework and find out what products are available in the market.
  • Obtain Legal Advice – It is important to protect your business and company right from the start. Seek legal advice during the initial stages of the process to be sure you gain the proper protection for your business and your idea such as trademarks, copyrights and patents.
  • Protect Your Idea – Sage Spoonfuls took two years to launch from concept to creation. It’s important to keep the business under wraps during the development period.
  • Believe In Yourself – Huber credits her husband for both supporting her and believing in her skills even before she did. Initially wary, because she didn’t have experience in the business world, he pushed her to overcome those thoughts. Many of the skills she honed as an actress have helped her as a business owner.

Huber, who has acting in her genes as the daughter of Susan Lucci had planned to return to acting but as it turned out she found a larger role by helping families live a cleaner, greener life.

Sage Spoonfuls is available nationwide at Buy Buy Baby, and is coming to Babies R Us this summer. For further information regarding Sage Spoonfuls visit





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