Summer 1947

Photo Friday: A Great Summer Photo

I’m sharing another vintage photo today of my mom and my aunt. My mom is on the right and my aunt on the left. It was taken at Orchard Beach in the Bronx, May, 1947.

My brother, the keeper of all family photography, posted this on Flicker and it has been viewed almost 5,000 times!

I just think it captures a beautiful moment in time of two carefree young girls.



  1. I like your idea of having a Photo Friday on your blog. No wonder you’re pretty – your mom and aunt are both beautiful!

    Happy blogging and thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Thanks for visiting Rosanna! Photo Friday made it a little easier to get through the 30 days of writing! I have to thank my brother for being the keeper of all of our family’s great photographs.

  2. What a beautiful photo!

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